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Thank you all for supporting the Performance Sports Center so far and we are working hard to bring much more to our players, our academy and the community.  Since we are part of a new community in Hillsborough, we want to work on being as respectful as possible to our neighbors.  In order to do that, we ask for you to follow some parking guidelines.  We want to make sure that there is always a clear path for cars to come in and out, not only in our parking lot but in the street as well. Also, please do not use google maps as it will take you through an old route that ends up behind the building which no longer has access to our parking lot.


Parking Guidelines:

-Please do not park past the neighborhood sign that says residents only

-Please do not park in the fire exits

-Please do not park in any driveway or the parking lot of the business that is across the street

-Please only park on the side of the street across from our building that way there is a clear path for two cars to drive through

-There is additional parking at the park before you turn onto Dickerson Road if you are waiting in the car

-There are also some stores, coffee shops and places to eat that are less than 5 minutes away. Support the local businesses

As we grow, we will continue to learn and make improvements to the best that we can. For now, we ask for your patience and understanding.

Please see the image below, and do not park in any of the red.  Thank you!

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