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PSC Goalkeeping Program

​Duration of program| 6 sessions
September | 23, 30   October | 14, 21, 28   November | 4
No session on October 7th

Supplemental program for ages 10-18 (2013-2005)

Stars at 11am

Cost| $220

  • GK Training is a supplemental program for boys & girls who want to continue to excel in the game of soccer in a very specialized area and want to be challenged to further their development in a position specific environment, led by coaches who want to help you reach your individual goals.

  • Two weeks of work based around Ball Manipulation, Distribution,  & Handling

  • Two weeks of work based around Diving, Crossing, & Shot Stopping

  • Two weeks of work are based around Positioning, Set Plays, Footwork, Communication

  • The GK Training is open to players from all clubs/teams, siblings, friends; fundamental experience required.

  • Our sessions include fundamental skills, numerous technical exercises, create game-like scenarios & more..

  • Requirements: Proper Gloves & Footwear (Soccer cleats or turfs) - Shin Guards - Wear ALL BLACK (T-shirt & Shorts)

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